Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Gelding

I can recollect laying down crescents of iron
To collect my bounty of a filly in heat
Equestrian mercenary put out to pleasure
I made my salary of hindquarter meat

But my calling in life was to spill into battle
So I trusted the process and trudged through the days
They turned me into a warhorse with surgery
They took my studhood completely away
And I left those hot pursuits happily behind,
For the perfect pastures of an unbridled mind.

And now I can canter with scarcely a care
To god’s own mongolia or I don’t know where
To breathe in the bodiless elysian air
And hopefully fall in with a healthier mare


  1. Good poem. I like "the perfect pastures of an unbridled mind"

  2. Love it.
    I used to show horses, so I doubly love it.

  3. Melancholy, yet hopeful. Keep up the good work. I love reading your poems

  4. makes me sad only cause its beautiful :p

  5. how free you must feel, no longer weighted with iron, for is there a value for an unbridled mind? onward to the next mare, preferably healthy.

  6. I hope you fall in with a healthier mare too. And hopefully one that appreciates your talent. You can really write, man.

  7. Thank you for your comment, you are really nice ;)

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  9. LOVE THIS! But I won't lie when I say that at first I couldn't tell if this was about horses, wars or if my mind should just jump in the gutter xD

  10. I found your blog on Dianne's lovely poetry site and couldn't resist taking a peek :) Your poems are wonderful and the rhymes are outstanding!

  11. Such an imaginative and visual poem, great writing and rhyming Elliot.
    I think I should like to 'breathe in the bodiless elysian air', paradise, or so Homer thought.
    xoxoxo ♡

  12. Thank you for your comment!
    The poem is amazing, i love it!

  13. That is excellent.

  14. Thanks for the visit and the follow. I'm following in kind just as soon as I can get your follow wedgit to work.

  15. I like the poem, there are some good lines in it, I especially like "Crescents of iron".

  16. So you were castrated and sent off to war. Such is the fate of to many men.