Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Valli in the Clouds

If I lose my momentum in the washed out weekdays
It's because I'm the victim of a mawkish disease
Reliving the heavily dramatized anguish
When the sour notes came out unbearably loud
And thinking about my Valli in the clouds

I'm slowly dissolving in burgundy laughter
When it gushed out freely like songs from a choir
And banished all requiems to faraway cloisters
But was crushed by the heavy hand of a scholar
And now that the voices are no longer endowed,
I'm thinking about my Valli in the clouds

I'm not giving in to this overwrought dolor
Or the growing allure of these destitute sheets
I face each day in preposterous armor
And flourish my sword with balletic feet
But no matter how much I make myself proud,
I can't get around my Valli in the clouds.