Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oh, Maria Maria

            Oh Maria, Maria my starship has come
            The pantry is open and we’re missing a bun
            The kitchen is empty and the oven is on
            And I’m lifting these broken bones up to the sun

            Oh Maria, Maria I worship the ground
            I melt like a chocolate and swoon at the sound
            I crumple like paper with your foot coming down
            And losing your favor I howl like the hounds

            When you sent me that letter I was melting like glaciers
            I could hardly believe that the ice age was over
            When you sent me the other I became like a vapor
            I’m sure in the pictures I’m fainter and fainter

            Oh Maria, Maria I swear to the stars
            I won’t soon relinquish these beautiful scars
            It’s true I should look toward some fresh fertile sky
            But I just don’t want to let sleeping loves lie!