Thursday, October 6, 2011


            i’d like to be a clear soul arriving at nirvana
            immune to a million forms of outmoded dogma
            or maybe it would end like an icelandic saga
            i could die in battle and transcend to valhalla

            in the real world i don’t go anywhere special
            i drive to my workplace enveloped in metal
            when it’s all said and done i return to my dwelling
            the events of my workday are seldom worth telling

            sometimes i get this outlandish sensation
            when i’m drunk at a nightclub with no reservations
            that i could turn into vapor and ascend to the rafters
            and live in the colored mists, forever and ever

            when i fall in love it’s a typical disaster,
            a cocktail of feelings and i’m easily plastered
            the woman involved gets panicked and smothered
            and i become even sadder when i no longer have her

            but as soon as we locked eyes the saddening ended,
            the stillbirths upon which my sickness depended
            could finally sleep the way nature intended
            and give me a taste of this natural rapture